How to Measure a Mountain Bike Frame

When you are mountain biking, the last thing you want is for your bike to be uncomfortable. Make sure you get the right-sized frame by learning how to measure a mountain bike frame.

Pedal, Crank, and Chainstay

Mountain bikes come in all shapes and sizes. The most important factor in determining the size of bike you need is your height. Once you know your height, you can begin looking at different frames and sizing them based on the measurements below.

Top Tube Length

This is the distance from the center of the head tube to the center of the seat tube. You can determine this measurement by measuring the length of the horizontal tube on the frame.

Seat Tube Length

To measure the seat tube, start at the center of the bottom bracket and measure to the top of the seat tube where it meets the top tube.

Chainstay Length

This final measurement is taken from the center of the bottom bracket out to where the rear wheel axle meets the frame.


Follow these steps and measurements in order to find ensure you have a comfortable ride by picking out the right-sized mountain bike frame for your next adventure.

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