How to Increase Cycling Speed

Are you looking for ways to make your cycling faster? Here are tips that can help increase your speed on the bike.

1. Get a Good Quality Bike

A good bike will make a huge difference in your speed. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but make sure to get a bike that is comfortable and fits you well. A good quality bike will also make it easier to pedal and go faster.

2. Train Regularly

The more you train, the stronger you will become and the faster you will be able to ride. Try to ride at least 3 times a week, and include some hills in your routes.

3. Join a Group Ride or Cycle Club

There is nothing like some friendly competition to push you to go faster. Group rides are also a great way to meet other cyclists and explore new routes.

4. Time Yourself

Get a stopwatch or use the timer on your phone to time yourself over certain sections of your route. This will help you stay focused and see how much improvement you are making over time.

5. Take Turns Leading the Pack

If you are riding with others, take turns leading the pack so that everyone gets a chance to draft off of each other and take a break from being in front.

6. Use Interval Training

Interval training is when you alternate between short bursts of high-intensity and longer periods of lower-intensity riding. This type of training will help improve your speed and endurance simultaneously.

7. Don’t Forget About Nutrition and Hydration

Eating healthy foods and staying hydrated are both crucial for maintaining energy levels and performing your best while cycling. Be sure to eat something before your ride, and carry snacks and water with you in case you need them during your ride.

8. Invest in Some Cycling Gear

While you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to go fast on a bike, there are some items that can help improve your speed and comfort while riding. Cycle shoes with cleats can help increase pedaling efficiency, while aerodynamic helmets can help reduce wind resistance (although they won’t make a huge difference).

9. Get Your Bike Tuned Up Regularly

A well-maintained bike will perform better than one that isn’t maintained properly. Be sure to get your bike tuned up at least once a year, or more often if you ride frequently or competitively.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

The more you ride, the better you will become at riding fast! So, get out there and log some miles! Hopefully, these tips will help you increase your speed on the bike so that you can reach your goals!


These are just a few tips that can help increase cycling speed! Just remember that practice makes perfect, so get out there and start logging some miles! You’ll be surprised at how much faster you can go with a little bit of practice!

Allen Joe

Allen is an adventurous and creative individual who loves to explore the open road. An avid cyclist, Allen is always pushing himself to new limits. When he's not cycling, you can find him using his writing talents to share tips and tricks for biking on his blog.

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