How to Cut a Bike Lock

Learn how to cut a bike lock quickly and easily with these tips.

  1. Look for the type of lock. Based on the type of bike lock, you will need different tools. For example, U-locks can be cut with bolt cutters while chain locks can be cut with a hacksaw or angle grinder.
  2. Position the lock. Place the lock in such a way that it will be easy to reach and work on.
  3. Insert the blade. Insert the blade of the cutting tool into the gap of the shackle as far as possible.
  4. Apply pressure to snap the shackle. Use both hands to apply pressure onto the handles of the cutter until the shackle snaps open.
  5. Keep turning if needed. If the shackle does not snap open after applying pressure, try wiggling or twisting it until it breaks open.
  6. Close up the lock. Close up the bike lock by feeding both ends of the shackles through its closing mechanism
  7. Reattach your bike chain or u-lock to your bike frame
  8. Check for rusting
  9. Lubricate your lock
  10. Store your bike indoors whenever possible


These tips will help you cut a bike lock quickly and easily so that you can get back on the road in no time flat!

Allen Joe

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