How to Convert Your Mountain Bike Into a Commuter Bike

More and more people are using bikes as their main mode of transportation. Bikes are eco-friendly, they don’t require gas or oil, and they’re a great way to get some exercise in while getting from point A to point B. But not all bikes are created equal.

If you’re looking to commute on your bike, you’re going to want a bike that’s been designed with commuting in mind—and that’s where mountain bikes fall short. But that doesn’t mean you can’t convert your mountain bike into a commuter bike!

With a few simple modifications, you can turn your trusty mountain bike into the perfect ride for getting around town.

What to Do

The first thing you’ll want to do is swap out your tires. Mountain bike tires are designed for grip and traction on loose and uneven terrain—not for speed or efficiency on pavement.

You’ll want to switch to narrower tires with less tread that are made specifically for road biking. This will help you go faster and use less energy when pedaling. You may also want to lower your tire pressure slightly; this will provide a little more cushioning for a smoother ride on bumpy roads.

Next, you’ll want to take a look at your brakes. On a mountain bike, the brake levers are mounted on the handlebars so that you can easily apply them with your thumbs while still maintaining a grip on the handlebars. However, this position isn’t ideal for street riding—it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you need to brake suddenly.

The good news is that it’s easy to adjust your brake levers so that they’re in a better position for commuting. Simply loosen the screws that hold the levers in place, reposition them so they’re closer to the grips, and tighten the screws back down.

Finally, if you really want to make your mountain bike more commuter-friendly, you may want to consider adding some accessories. A front-mounted basket or pannier racks can make it easy to carry your belongings with you on your ride, and adding a kickstand will make it easier to park your bike once you reach your destination.

Most importantly, don’t forget about safety! Make sure you’re wearing brightly colored clothing so that drivers can see you, and consider investing in some reflective tape or lights for even greater visibility.


With just a few simple modifications, you can turn your mountain bike into the perfect commuter bike!

Swapping out your tires for narrower road tires, adjusting your brake levers, and adding some accessories will make it easy and enjoyable to ride your bike around town.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start commuting!

Allen Joe

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